Political Tests and scores

I guess that this is the day to take political tests…

The thing to be aware of (as I am sure that you are) is that the questions tend to corral you into the responses that the askers want.

Just remember – Semper Discordia!

Took the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

The red dot on the Chart shows where I fit on the political map.

Just found this political test.. It scored me vs the Catholic Bishops, Bush and Kerry. The higher percentage equates to more agreement on this issue.

Here is my score:

Bishops -18%
Bush 9%
Kerry -27%

Protecting Human Life
Bishops -25%
Bush -25%
Kerry 50%

Promoting Family Life
Bishops -100%
Bush -100%
Kerry -100%

Pursuing Social Justice
Bishops 0%
Bush 45%
Kerry -70%

Pursuing Global Solidarity
Bishops 0%
Bush 100%
Kerry -50%

Wow. Some of those questions and category’s are really… um… biased. But what did I expect? Everyone has their axe to grind.