Politics, Media and Personal Safety

The really great thing about living in the US is that we are allowed to have divergent opinions about the political scene. This can give rise to the worst and the best of humanity. I think that this election season has exemplified each of these traits.

The Barend vs. Kuhl campaign has really shown us the dark underside of political campaigning. It seems that Kuhl was divorced several years ago. This all is happening in New York and under New York law, the records of that are sealed for 100 years to prevent just what is happening.

Some one went to the Steuben County clerk’s office, and asked for the records, claiming to be working on a school project. They were then leaked to the press.

Now, to the crux of the issue in my mind, the press then decided that this was newsworthy, and started to do story after story about this private matter. Who is to blame? The media for one.

It seems that they have become untouchable in the past few years. They can say whatever they want, ignore facts that do not jive with their view of the world, and accentuate the parts of a story that further their agenda.

I do not watch the news anymore. The news is simply scare tactics. All that they want to do is show every bad thing that has happened to people in the past day.

You know, I am sorry, but I do not really care if a person was murdered by their ex-spouse in littlesburg, anystate. The amount of reporting about crime makes us think that we live in a society that is breaking down, that is totally unsafe.

This is totally not true.

According to the US DOJ there were about 24 million crimes last year.

Violent victimization and property crime rates in 2001 were the lowest recorded since the NCVS‘ inception in 1973. There were about 24 million crimes in 2001.

According to the US Census, we have about 294,500,000 people right now. You have a 1 in 10 chance of having ANY crime committed against you, and only 22% of those are violent crimes. So, in 2004 your chances of having a violent crime committed against you were only 1.8% – less then 1 in 50. In 2003 for every 1,000 persons age 12 or older, there occurred 1 rape or sexual assault, 1 assault with injury, and 2 robberies. In 2002 there were only about 6 murder victims per 100,000.

If we are to believe the media, we live in a period of time that is one of the most unsafe ever. What does that make the 70’s, when crime was much higher? We must have been living in a war zone!

News media lies. It’s that simple. Never believe them, as they have stopped being objective and started to report only what they want, to further their agenda. Check out alternate news sources (Google News and The BBC are two of my favorites) and check the facts.

Never trust the media.

Kill your television.


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  1. […] The statistics simply do not show this, however. If you read my earlier post, you will see that crime is in fact down in the US. However, with the advent of global coverage – we see the few crimes that are committed spread sea to shining sea. We get daily, or hourly, updates on the fate of a missing girl in Aruba. While that is a very sad occurrence, how many people were in Aruba vacationing that weekend? What percentage were abducted? Does the media tell us this? Or do they just focus on the fear that they can generate? […]

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