Attack of the Killer Back Flab!

I was driving around the blog-o-sphere last nite, and I came across a mention of Back Flab at PoorRoleModel. Now this got me thinking. And jiggling.

Do I have back flab?

How can I tell? I do not often actually look at my back. So, sitting in the Comfy Chair I started to jiggle my back. To see if it would, infact, jiggle.

Sadly, no jiggling.

Well, no jiggling on my back.

I guess I will have to work harder if I want to get some back flab of my own. Or perhaps I could just go out and buy some?

I think that I should research companys that sell back flab. When this gets out, there is going to be a run on this stuff, and their stock could do better then a dry herring at a ferret eating contest.