PTM: II – Physics for the Third Millenium

Physics for the Third Millennium

In February 1998, Marshall Space Flight Center’s Science Directorate hosted a Workshop/Training Conference which invited leading physicists to meet with Marshall researchers about the cutting-edge issues in the world of physics at the dawn of the new millennium. Seven lectures covered a variety of topics at the edge of knowledge.

The Science Directorate is organizing a follow-on conference to again bring together leading physicists to participate in a series of lectures on open issues in physics in 2005. The intended audience is wider and the number of participants greater than at the 1998 meeting but the range of topics will be as exciting. We hope to bring together leaders in the fields who can discuss such topics as What is Gravity, Dark Matter and Energy, Neutrino Physics, Issues in Quantum Physics, String Theories and New Dimensions, Physics of High Energies and Temperatures, A Century of Relativity, Where Physics and Biology Meet, and others yet to be defined.

A major feature of this meeting is the addition of a significant education component to the meeting goals and venue. We are bringing the lecturers together with students and teachers with the hope of putting a human face to the world of physics.

Oooooohhh. Can I go?