Safe Blogging

The point is that anyone can eventually find your blog if your real identity is tied to it in some way. And there may be consequences. Family members may be shocked or upset when they read your uncensored thoughts. A potential boss may think twice about hiring you. But these concerns shouldn’t stop you from writing. Instead, they should inspire you to keep your blog private, or accessible only to certain trusted people.

From the EFF

Can you really, honestly blog privately? I would say – No.

So – here is my advice. Blog safely. Consiter that this is not a private journal. Anyone in the world can read this. They can track down your IP address, and ask your ISP who was using that when you posted the article. They can find you.

So, post like you are having a discussuion with a freind in a public place. There are things that you would not tell some one in that context. There should be things that you would not discuss on your blog.

– Tsyko

2 thoughts on “Safe Blogging”

  1. I agree as well. I don’t blog about things that I would not want my parents to find out about. That is the litmus test that I use. If my dad were to read this, would he be offended?

  2. I don’t even attempt anonymity. That does mean I am careful (at least in some ways) about what I write. I don’t blog about my employment or my employer and I strive to keep a civil tone.

    I don’t feel any need to moderate or hide my beliefs though.

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