Hybrid vs Biodiesel

Justus for All says:

For example, hybrid cars, which even with the increased cost of oil don’t make economic sense to buy. Purchasers will never realize in fuel savings the additional cost of the vehicle versus a comparable non-hybrid vehicle. Since the foundation of our economy is energy, I expect that the ‘environmental savings’ of a hybrid vehicle also does not equal out over it’s lifetime. Hybrid cars cost more for a reason. They have extra parts and require additional steps in assembly. All of this translates pretty directly into having a higher energy cost to build and that correlates rather closely with needing more fossil fuel inputs and hence more pollution.

This is exactally why we need to look at the current crop of hybrids as testbeds for future techinology. When I have a choice between a Toyota Prius for 60k that gets 60mpg (1k per mpg) or a Volkswagen Jetta TDI for 22k that gets 50 mpg (thats .44k per mpg) which makes more sense?

3 thoughts on “Hybrid vs Biodiesel”

  1. Wow, they really have come down in price since I looked last!

    Still, I prefer tried and true techology when it comes to important stuff like cars. Diesel engines can run upwards of 500k miles, and coupled with B100 biodiesel, we can produce 100% of the needed fuel in house.

    But a Prius is starting to look a little better. :)

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