Justus tagged me, rotten bas… um.. nice guy that he is. :)

So, here are five things that people with whom I generally associate think are really cool, but that leave me cold.

1) Bloated buggy code full of holes. Examples include Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. Windows networking is an even bigger joke. Yeah, and I am certified in Windows Networking by Microsoft. What ever. I guess the real pet peeve is consumers that choose badly made products because ‘they are cool’.

2) Televison. I really don’t like about 99% of the Televison shows out there. I can stand several – luckly Sheila likes them as well, so I just get out the laptop when she is watching Gilmore Girls.

3) Dungeons and Dragons. Ok, I am going to broadcast to the entire world what a Geek I am. I don’t like D&D and the entire d20 system. It stinks. It’s complicated, unrealistic and archers suck. In the real world, a longbowman was quite a scary dude. He could reach out and ram a 3 foot rod of oak through you at several hundred feet. So, I am archer dude in D&D. I shoot a 4th level fighter. He has on average (d10 * 4 or about 20 hp). I do an average of 4 hp per shot. Five shots later, he falls. And, just try aiming for a critical spot – say the chest or head. Give GURPS 4th Ed a try. Lame Name, Good Game. :)

4) Fishing. I do not really enjoy fishing. It’s boring. Really boring. I would prefer to play Paintball, or go bird hunting.

5) And last – but not least… Confrence calls and meetings in general. I am a ‘do-er’ not a talker. Planning and oversite is important, but as far as just touching bases – there are better options out there. For example, forums are a great tool for keeping geographically dispersed workers communictating.

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  1. <strong>Answer Me, These Questions…5?</strong>

    Apparently there is a blog-tag (would that be the correct term for this time-waster?) going around that asks the question, &#8220;Name five things that people with whom you generally associate think are really cool, but that leave you cold."

  2. <em>And I’m with you on meetings. I love conference calls, though, because you can mute the phone and do whatever you want.</em>

    Yeah, but I usally have things to say.

    Like: NOOOOOOOOO!!! don’t do it that way!


  3. Lovin the D&amp;D discussion! I agree that it’s all about the DM, and as long as it makes sense, that’s all that counts.

    And I’m with you on meetings. I love conference calls, though, because you can mute the phone and do whatever you want.

  4. I have taught and practiced broadsword in the past (yeah, one of those <em>I really did it</em> guys) including Kendo (with a smattering of Kenjitsu and Akido), Fencing, and European Broadsword. I can mount more then one attack every three seconds that have a good chance of landing. I recall a sparring match where I landed a neck, chest and knee hit in the space of about 2 or 3 seconds. And I am sure not more then ‘first’ level.

    Games with more realistic combat systems cause folks to increase their roleplaying, use real world tactics, and really pick their fights.

    With proper planning and equipment, a 150-200 point group can smack a large group of Orcs and then take on a dragon. Scream and charge tactics really do not work – just like in real life.

    It takes the proper GM, however. The bad guys should be played to their intellegence. Dumb, overconfident Orcs are not going to use advanced tactics, and they will break and flee when they are getting beaten.

    It’s just a diffrent style of play.

  5. *points finger* GEEK!

    *hides behind Shawn’s DM’s screen* You should see the RuneQuest rules for archers. Ugh.

  6. The D&amp;D hit points are obviously unrealistic, that is pretty undeniable. Of course, most fantasy games attempt to emulate EPIC fantasy where you can chop you way through hordes of Orcs and battle Fire Breathing Dragons.

    GURPS characters who try that generally end up dead from the first few orcs and never even get to see the dragon. GURPS is more realistic in that, but I have never understood why realism is desirable in a fantasy game.

    As for the 6 second thing, D&amp;D has always operated from a viewpoint that about every six seconds you can conduct a serious attack. There is a lot of feinting and parring going on that isn’t rolled out. GURPS uses one second attacks, but you have to roll every feint and parry. I don’t know that one is more ‘realistic’ than the other in that regard, just different prefenences.

  7. Well, I think the D&amp;D system doesn’t consider "drive a knife into someone’s chest" to be the attack that does 1 or 2 hp. That’s the gash across the arm.

    All systems have their problems. I’ve seen some broken GURPS characters, too.

  8. <strong>I got tagged</strong>

    …by Tsykoduk for this thing:

    5 things that people with whom I generally associate think are really cool, but that leave me cold:

  9. And what level would that be at? The GURPS archer is a normal human – 25 to 50 points. If I were to throw together a 200 or 300 point archer, yeah. sick.

    I guess that the issue is that at low levels (where I like to play) D&amp;D is not realistic at all. Sword fights feel like beating on folks with nerf bats immersed in molassas. What do you mean that I can only swing once in 6 seconds?

    Now, I am not looking for the type of realism that you can get from taking real swords out and chopping on your close freinds and foes. But I want the system to at least aproxmiate reality. If I drive a knife into some one’s chest, I want them to feel a bit of pain, not loose 1 or 2 hp.

    /soapbox off

  10. You’re obviously not playing with the right powergamers if you think archers are weak in D&amp;D 3.5 edition.

    I play in the worldwide Living Greyhawk campaign, and have seen plenty of devastating archers in my day. The first thing is to start with a mighty composite longbow, preferrably one that can add +4 Strength bonus to each arrow. Then you take that bow, make it magic, and add various enhancements to it. Holy, Bane (evil outsiders), and any of the elemental enhancements are good. Get your friendly wizard or cleric to hit your bow with Greater Magic Weapon and your arrows with Flame Arrow. Have your bard sing to inspire courage. Stack as much as you can on each arrow.

    So at high levels you might have 1d8 (arrow) +4 (Strength bonus) +5 (Greater Magic Weapon from a cleric with a bead of karma) +4 (bard with Inspirational Boost) +2 (specialization) +2 (Greater Bracers of Archery) +1 (prayer) +2d6 (holy) +2d6 (bane) +1d6 (fire) +1d6 (cold), and you’re firing 5 or 6 times a round with Rapid Shot and Haste.

    The main benefit of archers is that they can always take their full attack action.

  11. Hmmm – so as an archer with a 12 st, I do about a d6 of imp damage with a shortbow. So, I shoot a poor normal human (10hp) in the torso, roll a 3.5 (average) and do 3.5 * 2 for 7 points on average (range 2 – 12).

    Shoot said poor sot in the head – 3.5 – 2 (skull) = 1.5 * 4 (damage mod for head) = 6 points on average (range = 0 – 16).

    Don’t even get me started on crossbows. Get one with a goatsfoot, and you are plinking fully armored knights w/o breaking a sweat.

    Most of the D&amp;D stuff that I have seen involves making the archers shoot faster rather then more accuratly or more powerfully. Historically, archers could shoot fast (English Longbowmen were known to be able to shoot the 6th arrow before the first hit the ground) but the arrows themsevles were devistating when they hit. High ROF is to overcome long range and low hit chances, not low damage.

    Anyways, my .02 :)

  12. Heh. If you think Bows are wussy in D&amp;D you haven’t seen a Order of the Bow Initiate Prestige Class whip it out.

    Ironically, I have a friend who thinks Bows are too wimpy in GURPS (3rd) and wants them to be more like D&amp;D.

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