Playground Politics

A lot of world politics are just as inane and silly as the old days (well, old days for me) when I was in elementry school. It’s a story of gangs of freinds, outsiders and the feelings that engenders. In my opionion we are too free to enter into treaties and keep them to long.

Why? It’s like this. Suppose that you are country A. You and Country B have a disagreement. B, C and D enter into a treaty orginization to ‘defend themselves’ in case you attack.

This is all well and good so far.

So, the disagreement ends. How would you feel if B, C, and D all stayed in the treaty? Would you feel safer, or less safe?

Gangs tend to make people feel less safe. The normal response to a gang is to form a group of your own for “self defense“.

To bring this into foreign policy and the real world – orginizations such as NATO (which was formed to combat Soviet expansion) have lived their usefullness. Short term alliances are a good idea, long term freindships are a good idea. When we start collecting into groups for the express purpose of military defense or expansionism, well, that’s just a bad idea.

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  1. I agree. One problem with any organization, or group of folks brought together to do anything, is that once the task is through they want to continue holding onto their positions and retain the funding so they tend to invent reasons for their continued existance.

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