So I aspire to a Crusade, or Setting the Record Straight

Cool! I am a crusader now!

This just in from Brain Fertilizer:

Yes, I do think there is a recently-undertaken campaign against religion in America. Here are some more indications of that campaign.

As I said in the comments on the first linked post:

…no one is going to convince me that after 200 years of having references to God in all sorts of government literature, that saying ‘Under God” in the pledge is somehow suddenly an assault on religious freedom.


I’ll say it plainly: It is retribution/revenge for the failure of the homosexual movement to win same-sex marriage rights across the entire nation. They blame religion for being the motive force behind the rejection, and so are trying to eliminate the free expression of religion nationwide.

The second one wins the WTF of the month award. Nuff’ said on that.

About the first – I have been totally mis-represented.

1) I am not trying to stop anyone from any religious expression – with in the law.

2) I do not feel that Christianity has some ‘dark agenda’. In fact, far from it. I was married in a Christian Church, and plan on sending my children to Christian schools.

What I do have, is a personal belief that is not Christian. Yes, I am a non-devout Buddhist. And I have a desire to discuss Buddhism, Christianity and other ideologies. Why? I benefit from these discussions, as they force me to learn more about me, what I belive and point out flaws in my paradigm. I do not fear discorse. I fear small minded people taking away my freedom of Religion.

I do, however feel that the Goverment is not a place for Religion. I feel that the Goverment should not lift any one religion above any other. That is a personal choice – like abortion, and people should be given the rights to make those choices on their own.

I think that we all should have the right to practice what ever faith that we want. That means, I do not want me or my children to be forced to mouth platitudes to a God that I might nor might not belive in. I want them to have the choice to worship as they wish.

The Framers of this noble country were very specific in their thoughts and writings on this subject – and it does not support this country as a “Christian only” Country. This country is a place where freedom is the law of the land. When people impinge on that freedom – for everyone, Christians, Buddhists, Muslems, Wiccans, etc – I think that is a bad thing.

How can my defending your freedom to worship as you want be constituted as a “campaign against religion in America.” and “ trying to eliminate the free expression of religion nationwide“?

3 thoughts on “So I aspire to a Crusade, or Setting the Record Straight”

  1. "<i>Please, don’t feel accused or attacked. It wasn’t meant that way at all. At most, ‘identified” as a worthy philosophical adversary."</i>

    Oh I don’t :)

    What’s really scary is that I am a Republican leaning Libertarian. Yes, I voted for Bush. No, I did not care that he talked about his faith – everyone should be able to do that. Where I draw the line is when the goverment crosses the line of promoting one faith over the other. The pledge is a perfect example of that. The others are non-issues in my mind.

    Honestly – I do not see that trend. I see a trend to enforce the Framers thoughts on seperation of church and state (probally taken to far by some – I will admit that freely. After all there are wackos in every group). Nothing more, nothing less.

    Not a problem at all – this medium sometimes does not express the emotion behind the words, and I was cackling the entire time – um.. make that giggling. Cackling makes me sound as evil as I am.

    Um. Yeah. Nothing to see here, citizen, move along..

  2. Wait, wait, wait.
    Not <i>you</i>, specifically, no.
    There has been a recent trend to eliminate public expression of religion. Prominent examples include the lawsuit to remove "Under God" from the Pledge, renaming the White Christmas Tree the Holiday Tree, removing publications of the 10 Commandments from courthouses, and the people complaining that President Bush citing his faith for motivation for some decisions represents the establishment of religion.
    I don’t blame you for any of those things, of course. But when I spoke of them before, you objected. So I consider you on the opposite side of this issue from me.
    That’s fine; we don’t always have to agree. I enjoy your discussions so much that I added you to my blogroll.
    I haven’t really responded much to any latest salvos because I’m busy and not in the mood to get into it…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed what you have to say.
    Please, don’t feel accused or attacked. It wasn’t meant that way at all. At most, "identified" as a worthy philosophical adversary.

  3. I agree with ya Duk! As you know there are extensive writings by me on the subject of the pledge at <a href="; rel="nofollow">my website</a>. Just do a search on "pledge" and you’ll find all of my points on the subject.

    As far as some big attack on the Christian faith goes, I believe Christianity has outlived its hold on folks.

    No longer are people afraid of the dark and scary stories of Hell and the wrath of God.

    This is merely the result of a civilization that is outgrowing its superstitions.

    It’s sad that Christians view a decrease in faith as an attack on them.

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