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ONE Campaign

Did you know that:

  • Every day 6,500 people in Africa die from HIV/AIDS?
  • More than 300 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live on less than one dollar a day?

I thought you would be interested to learn more about what’s going on to stop these crises at The ONE Campaign. Americans from all over are lending their voices to this campaign and helping to fight global AIDS and poverty-one person and one vote at a time.

Please visit website and learn how you too can get involved by signing the petition

You probably will notice a new banner on this site. I have done a bit of research into this organization, and I support it. I would ask everyone to look at their site, and if you feel moved – please support it as well.

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  1. I also think that it’s this sort of dialog that will bring this problem to the level of awareness that it should be. Honestly, I don’t care who or what you support – as long as you are aware of the problem and support some sort of non-head-in-the-sand approach. Many people in the US are really not aware of how serious this problem is. I really do not understand how they could be after all of the blipverts that have been done about this, but what the hay. As long as one more person is moved to act in some fashion, I think my post did it’s job!

    By the way – Who would you give your support to, Dave?

  2. Tsycho,

    I fully agree with you about the seriousness of the problem and aplaud any attempt to raise awareness. Like you, I prefer private charities to government action however. So I love their goals, but I am not satisfied with their methods.

    I have spent a bit of time in the Philippines, and so I have seen third world poverty compared to American poverty and there is no comparison. And most of the poor in the Philippines have a standard of living the poor in Africa can only dream about.

    I would much prefer to support a group that is directly involved in helping with these issues than a group that is devoted to getting the government to spend money to deal with this.

  3. In re Dave:

    I don’t think that the One campaign is about getting money and providing services. I think it’s about raising awareness of the problems, and getting countries to start to do something about it. In other words – will not be taking money, buying food and distributing it. They are spokespeople for the organizations that will do the grunt work. NGO’s that are already out there, helping.

    Of course I do not feel that we should raise taxes for this – nor even spend federal monies. I think that the government should lower our taxes by 1% and give us the option of having that 1% go to a charity of our choice. Note the word option.

    Now, I do not think that agrees with me on that issue. They want to take 1% out of the federal budget. But, since I was going to give that 1% to charity anyways, I guess it’s a wash in my case, right?


  4. Mystic Rants:

    <i>What of the poor in our own country? Do we ignore them in favor of helping another country</i>

    You know, I used to say that. But the poor in our country live like kings next to the poor in some other country’s. We also have welfare, workfare, food stamps, and a host of other programs already in place to keep them fed.

    I think that is a cop out now days. It’s a way of rationalizing us keeping our wealth to our selves and not giving a hand up to our neighbors that need it.

    Now, I am not talking about funding welfare for poor countries. I am talking about just leveling the playing field, allowing them to build their own infrastructure and start to provide for themselves.

    I think that this a a great way to start fostering democracy across the globe.

  5. As much as anything, the lack of specifics bothers me. Yes, this money could theoretically do the good they say it will, and they certainly talk about not supporting corrupt governments (I had read that blurb.)

    But exactly what they will do, who they will give the money to, and what criteria are to be used in evaluating who gets the money is missing.

  6. I signed the one for England to spend money as well – if you go to <a href="; rel="nofollow">this site</a> you can sign all over the world! ;)

    <blockquote> CORRUPTION
    While corruption is harmful to all governments, losing resources to corrupt leaders is particularly devastating in poor countries where ever dollar lost results in one less child in school or one less well dug to provide clean water. Approaches like America’s Millennium Challenge which direct assistance to honest governments are the most effective, as is channeling assistance through private (and faith-based) relief and development agencies. For more information about fighting corruption in the poorest countries click here. <a href="; rel="nofollow">More&gt;</a> </blockquote>

    (from the <a href="" rel="nofollow">One</a> site.)

    I do not think that this is the perfect anwser – but it’s a start. Just the debt relief that they are advocating would free up billions of dollars that the poorest countries could then spend on themselves.

  7. I think we can, and should, do more to deal with Aids in Africa. I am not sure I like this campaign however.

    First off, I don’t believe that poverty in Africa will be solved by foreign aid. Getting rid of the corrupt thugs that are running their countries into the ground and promoting free trade are the things that will help Africa combat poverty.

    Of course medical problems, including Aids, but especially malaria, dramatically lower productivity on that continent, creating an addional challenge. I think there are a number of things we can do to help, and I certainly think part of the solution should come from our Government. However, I tend to place more faith in, and prefer to support, private charities engaged in this sort of work.

    While I greatly respect Bono’s work in Africa, and think he is a great humanitarian, I find it somewhat distasteful for him to sign a petition asking for the U.S. to spend an additional percent of it’s budget on foreign aid. He is not a citizen of this country. Since he has signed this petition, I think I’ll sign a petition asking Ireland to spend an additional percentage of it’s budget on poverty in Africa.

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