BBC escapes censure over Springer broadcast

“…Freedom of expression should never be sufficient reason to attack the values of any section of the community and this particular programme appeared to set out to do this to people of Christian faith.”

You can read the full story here. Jeeze, some people get their nappies in a bunch about just about anything.

Humor is a central part of life. With out it, we turn into fuddy-duddys, which is what Grey Face wants.

Turn away from Gray Face! Embrace Fun!

4 thoughts on “BBC escapes censure over Springer broadcast”

  1. That was kinda the point that I was aiming at. People need to stop taking themselves so bloody seriously. It’s a book/Flag/Joke people. No one should kill anyone over a stupid book.

    That’s just my opinion, I might be wrong…

  2. A similar show that replaced Jesus with Mohammed probably wouldn’t have been shown. That doesn’t change my opinion that it should be able to be shown. It comes complete with a whole different sent of issues, real and perceived, but the idea behind it remains the same.

  3. I agree with you on the humor issue.

    It is probably true though, that a similar show that replaced Mohammad with Jesus would not have been shown on the BBC.

    That is a serious issue.

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