Guerilla Minds Eye Theater

Wabi my Sabi has a link to this. It is one of the most brilliant Guerilla Minds Eye Theater events that I have seen in a long time.

As a Discordian, I feel that the event should not have had meaning at all.

I do not agree with the agressive tone that some of these things have, for example I would not have invaded a resturant. It is enough to teach. Any time a person tries to block anyone else’s choices – that is not freedom. People should be allowed to make stupid choices – but should be educated about the those choices.

Really just rambling – did I make any sense?

1 thought on “Guerilla Minds Eye Theater”

  1. Yes, a lot of sense. I agree with you about the aggressiveness and would liked to have seen it remain more of a performance-art type protest. When the line is crossed from trying to get others to see things from a fresh perspective, to getting in their faces and passing judgement, the teachable moment is lost and there is no communication. Those under fire are more likely to reject the message if they feel forced into a position of shame.

    The message of the protest is important, and the staging was amazing.

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