From Brad Pitt:

Dear Friend,

Every single day 30,000 children die from the effects of extreme poverty and it almost never makes the news. Tonight, that’s going to be different.

I visited Africa last month with Diane Sawyer to record a “Primetime Live” special, and tonight that program will air at 10pm/9pm Central on ABC. The show is not only about the emergency in Africa, but also about successful projects that are saving people’s lives and building new hope in entire communities.

Yesterday the ONE campaign asked all of us to do something that will make a real difference for the people we met in Africa: sign a letter to President Bush asking him to seize the best opportunity we’ve had in decades to actually end extreme poverty. The ONE letter asks the President to support three bold commitments at the G8 summit of world leaders on July 6th: more and better international assistance, debt cancellation and trade reform.

Last week I signed the ONE letter to President Bush, and since yesterday thousands of you have too. That is an amazing show of support. The ONE campaign has set a goal to get ONE million letter signatures by the upcoming G8 summit on July 6th. We can get half way there by the end of this week if you join with me and sign the ONE letter to President Bush and ask your friends and family to sign as well:

Sign the ONE letter to President Bush.

Thanks, and please tell all your friends to watch the show tonight: 10pm/9pm Central on ABC.

Brad Pitt

Visit One to sign the letter