First post from my Mac Mini

Yup – I got a mac Mini for Fathers Day. Well, kind of for fathers day – it was a few days early. So this is my first post from the new box. I found a widget for Dashboard that posts to wordpress sites, and ho-boy it’s slick.

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  1. Ok – 1.43 (2?)gz processor. Swapped out the 256m stick for a 1g stick. 80g HDD, combo drive (CDR/DVD – I did not get the one with the superdrive) Running OS 10.4. SCREEAMS!. Monitor is a NEC 19 inch Opticlear Flat Panel. I have a Kingston wireless KB/Mouse, and some recycled really old creative speakers.


    So far, I am totally impressed with it. Co-worker said "Ok, so now I am going to have to switch – this thing is just slicker then hell"

    The upgrade from 10.3 to 10.4 was a breeze. Dashboard is worth it. I am running CAT5e to the desk downstairs where I am putting it right now (taking a break), so I am back on the Ubuntu laptop.

    The fast user switch is – well – just way cool. You have to see it to understand.

    I put about 300 photos from my thumbdrive on to it, and imported them into iPhoto. Really snazzy. It does red eye, and other basic enhancments with one click. It also has a full-on color/gamma/brightness etc editor.

    GarageBand. I opened it and played their demo songs. I must get more into this. I have always wanted to create music, and here is my chance.

    I have a Sony handicam, so iMovie is going to be important. I opened it and it looked really easy to play with. I expect that the XP movie editor is a clone.

    I have opened iCal, but not gotten past just poking around.

  2. I definitely want one of those…they look so cool. You lucky dog.

    Does it have a DVD drive? What type of monitor do you have alongside it? Give us the geek-down on it.

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