Firefly back!

It’s BACK! reports:

Firefly, a science fiction series that was canceled midway through its first season on Fox, has found a new home on the Sci Fi Channel. All existing episodes will air this summer, though there is no word on a second season

And SciFi says:

SCI FI Channel announced that it will air reruns of Fox’s canceled SF series Firefly, including three episodes that never aired on Fox. SCI FI will air all 14 hours of the show, from creator Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), starting July 22, in the 7 p.m. ET/PT Friday timeslot. It will be followed by new episodes of Stargate SG-1 at 8, Stargate Atlantis at 9 and Battlestar Galactica at 10.

Fantasic news. I hope, if the movie does well, and the series does well, that SciFi will start in on new episodes. What a Friday lineup! Get your DVR‘s primed for July 22!

If you have not seen the trailer for the FireFly move – run, don’t walk here and watch it. Several times.

1 thought on “Firefly back!”

  1. But I already have the DVD set–which is wearing out.

    Still, if SciFi could resurrect it…*wriggles*

    We’ve tried to get to all three Seattle sneak previews of "Serenity." So far, no such luck, and if they run one in July, we’ll be too close to Cheat Day to go, sadly. Guess it’ll have to wait til September.

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