A few days with the new 'puter

And I am in love with my Mac Mini. OS X is slick, quick and very user friendly. The dashboard has quickly become a favorite application. I have a very cluttered dashboard. :)

From automatically displaying some of my favorite comics to a slick word of the day applet this thing has a lot of cool features.

My favorite is called ‘Buzztracker’. They even have a website. Ok, so the website came before the widget, but what ever. It displays a map of the world, with little red specks for news items, and ranks the areas of the world by how much news is generated. Today I have watched Gaza, which started with the lead at about 16%, end up 4th (even under Madrid) with only 6%. Cool stuff.

Other then that, there is a ton of great software out there (yes, great software). I downloaded and installed NeoOffice/J, a port of Open Office for the Mac, and have had all the convenience of Open Office 1.x at my fingertips.

Still posting from the widget for WordPress. Oh – you have got to see the RSS reader in Safari. Wow. makes keeping up with my RSS feeds a snap.

I feel sad, but I actually enjoy using this computer more then my Linux boxes. When Gnome or KDE gets to this level of sophistication, which I am sure that it will, I will be overjoyed.

The only thing that I miss from Linux is the ability to skin Gnome or KDE so much. Especially Gnome. Apple has done a fantastic job of making the look and feel of OS X really polished, but I like to play with the icons and window borders a wee bit.

Not a lot to complain about. The machine is really well built, silent, stylish, and seems to be crash proof. I have a firewall on my router, but I have not configured the one on this computer yet.

Anyways, time for bed. Nite all!

3 thoughts on “A few days with the new 'puter”

  1. So, I was poking about in the Mac last night, and I discovered that my monitor was not configured. I ran the configuration GUI, and wow. that’s all that I can say. Wow. The colors are now crispt and sharp – almost beyond belief.

    I just keep getting more impressed

  2. I think that some of the backend people (kernel hackers and the like) might feel that, but the GUI folks (GNOME and KDE) are trying really hard to get *nix up to a good standard of User Friendliness.

    For a lot of the hackers that I have talked to/read/interacted with it’s more of a religious thing. They want to only use ‘free’ software because they do not agree with software patents.

    I do not hold that belief. I use ‘free’ software because I am cheap, and I do not really want to pay $699 for an office package. I have no problem using software that is encumbered by patents or restrictive licenses. I do follow those licenses, however.

  3. Way cool.

    I have long felt that the big issue with Linux is that too many of the developer base enjoyed having an ‘elite’ system that took extensive knowledge to operate. They don’t want a system that anyone can use because of an intrinsic belief that only knowedgable people should be using computers.

    Foolish in my opinion.

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