Whitecaps Response to West

WEST: Today my lawyers are filing an appeal to allow the state Supreme Court to review the recall petition filed against me. The citizens of Spokane deserve to know why I have decided to appeal. Simply put, it is because the charges are false, and the ballot statement they would vote on was improperly prepared and is prejudicial.

WHITECAPS: If the charges in Shannon Sullivan’s recall petition are false, West’s lawyers are skilled enough to show that, and the voters of Spokane are intelligent enough to see it. It is West’s lawyers’ job to make his side of the story known to the electorate who would vote in the recall petition. Questioning the adequacy of the form and content of the ballot is appropriately the duty of the Spokane County Auditor. Putting that question to the State Supreme Court now would be premature since the ballot has yet to be prepared. If the ballot wording is prejudicial, it can be contested once it has been finalized.

Whitecaps does a very good job of a point by point response to Mayor West’s rebuttal and actions over the last few weeks.

If the Mayor is so certain that he is not guilty and still fit for the job, then he should let the recall go forward. If he is infact still fit for the job, he should not have an issue convincing the voters of that. However, his actions speak of fear, not confidence.

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  1. If the molestation allegations can be proven credible, then that’s obviously going to be my main problem. However, I find it unlikely that, as far removed from the alleged incidents as we are now, time-wise that will come to pass. Unfortunate if he did in fact do it.

    Picked up the Inlander while I was out there this weekend. There was a ton in there about the whole deal; I haven’t had a chance to wade through all of it yet.

  2. I can imagine that if he is innocent and gay he might not welcome the ballot box. Spokane voters might well conclude someone didn’t commit and crimes but still should not be mayor simply on because of their sexual orientation.

    The allegations of child abuse I find pretty credible, and that is what concerns me with him. I don’t care if he gets it on with an 18 yo guy. I don’t even care a lot about the job offer deal (that happens a lot I am sure.) If there is evidence to prosecute him, that should be done.

  3. <i>West said ‘Chatting online about sex with a person I believed to be 18 years old was wrong”


    I was more thinking about the supposed offering of jobs and whatnot.

  4. I hope beyond all hope (as do most of my public service co-workers) that West is run out of town on a recall ballot rail. In my department of the City I would have been TERMINATED for doing what West admits to doing. He should face the same level of investigation and judgment as the rest of us civil servers would face, or perhaps more because he is the MAYOR for crying out loud.

    If he is innocent and righteous he should welcome the ballot and have nothing to fear. Witch hunts notwithstanding, the truth would set him free were it a good truth to begin with. As it is, he screwed up…big time. He should be punished accordingly.

  5. Didn’t he actually admit to some of the accusations–at least the chatboard/offering jobs and whatnot?

    And we’ve never burned witches at the stake in this country.

    And speaking as a witch…the man wouldn’t know paganism if it jumped up and bit him in his sexually ambiguous butt.

  6. I agree that witchhunts are bad. If this is a witchhunt, then let him come out to the public with credible evidence. Face the recall head on and beat it. Not drown it in a morass of court cases. I would like nothing more then to see that.

    However, his actions to date smack of some one who is afraid. Fearfullness does not a leader make.

  7. I am doubtful of West’s innocence.

    However, to play devil’s advocate here, one can be innocent of any crime and still be the subject of an unfair witchhunt, and burned at the stake.

    Certainly some aspects of this whole matter do have a witchhunt flavor about them.

    In this case though, West may be an actual ‘witch.’

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