William Gibson on Mixes

Today, an endless, recombinant, and fundamentally social process generates countless hours of creative product (another antique term?). To say that this poses a threat to the record industry is simply comic. The record industry, though it may not know it yet, has gone the way of the record. Instead, the recombinant (the bootleg, the remix, the mash-up) has become the characteristic pivot at the turn of our two centuries.

William Gibson in Wired

Gibson has some great points in his article. To try and stop the flow of technology, culture and media away from objects and towards bits is like the print media trying to stop bloggers. It’s just not going to happen. I have found podcasts that are simply mixes of music. The entire spectrum of media and entertainment are collapsing into a new digital medium that no one will have total control over. No matter how hard they try.