White puffyness

Took this photo in Yakima – saw the clouds and just fell in love with them. Clouds remind me of flying.

Speaking of flying, watched the Shuttle today. Really great that we are making it back into space. I hope that the crew makes it back home safely, with all their science and tasks done safely, and easily.

I really loved the signs that Soichi Noguchi came up with – if you missed them they were a hoot!

It’s sad, but I think that the Columbia Disaster has brough more awareness back NASA and the manned missions. In the shuttle’s heyday, they did not even broadcast the launches. Now, they certainly did broadcast, and give a good blow by blow.

Speaking of which, did you see the ‘fuel tank cam’ shot when the shuttle seperated from the main tank? Wow.

2 thoughts on “White puffyness”

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