The case for intelligent design

The case for intelligent design

What is Intelligent Design? Many scientists – well, nearly all scientists – seem surprised that the President of the United States thinks Intelligent Design should be taught in schools. (See today’s news reports about that by Fox News and others.) Most likely, the President is referring to the persuasive 1998 report prepared by J.J. Rivera of Sandia National Laboratories:

Design engineers are becoming few in number and years worth of experience is about to be lost. What will happen when new weapons are designed or retrofits need to be made? Who will know the lessons learned in the past? What process will be followed? When and what software codes should be used? Intelligent design is the answer to the questions posed above for weapon design.

The report is titled “Intelligent design using expertise knowledge, manufacturing data, and legacy codes.” Its final section, labeled “CONCLUSIONS,” says:

The intelligent designer is still being developed.

Improbable Research

Wow… that conclusion says it all.

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  1. I still think it is laughable to claim that because something is complex it must come from the divine.

    Shouldn’t the scientific community decide what should be taught in science classes? What happens to science when religion and politics take center stage? You end up with theories that are not scientific at all.

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