Theme woes

Ok. so I blew my theme up. Still works fine under FireFox and Safari, but IE displays total uglyness.

Switched to a ‘temp’ theme for the time being.

8 thoughts on “Theme woes”

  1. Did more work – getting the graphics on the sides where I want them, and next is the color scheme. Green, I can live without – tho it is a nice minty green! :)

  2. I think that I am just going to leave this theme running for now. I am going to create a few new headers for it, and get the rotation thingie set up again. Sigh.

  3. Well, for all you IE folks, I will be keeping this theme up and running until 1) I fix the other one. or 2) I fall in love with this one.


  4. So THAT’s why I was having problems. I’ve switched to Firefox recently and can now READ your blog. :)

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