Intel outlines platform directions

In the second half of 2006, Otellini said Intel will introduce the micro-architecture, which combines the strength of the company’s current Intel NetBurst and Pentium M micro-architectures and adds new features.

The multicore foundation will help enable unique computer designs that will power the industry’s most sophisticated and user-friendly digital home and office PCs, according to the company. It will also help IT managers increase responsiveness and productivity while at the same time reducing real-estate and electricity burdens company’s face as server data centers grow.


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No unexpected news here. Sounds like Intel is jumping on to the PPC bandwagon – it’s not raw clockspeed that matters, rather it’s real preformance, power consumption and heat that really matters.

I mean – who cares if you have a 6 gigahertz chip that melts down in 65 seconds? Really!