Covet his Ass

Mr. Robertson is on a roll!

Speaking on the television program he hosts, ‘The 700 Club,” Mr. Robertson lashed out at the Venezuelan strongman once more, telling his audience, ‘It’s high time that the United States coveted Hugo Chavez’ wife.”

Warming to his topic, the opinionated preacher added, ‘And while we’re at it, we should covet his house, his manservant, his maidservant..and his ass, for that matter.

Andy Borowitz

3 thoughts on “Covet his Ass”

  1. So it isn’t even that he called for the assassination of Chavez that I have the biggest problem with. It was the whole, "Oh, the term ‘take out’ can mean lots of things."

    And then re-backtracking and saying, "Yeah, I totally meant put a bullet in his head."

    Gluteus Habadasher.

  2. That man is insane. I dumped a girl I was dating a year ago because, among [many] other things, she held Pat in too high a regard. What did I expect…she got an MBA from Regent University. I just couldn’t take her views.

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