Windows reaches the 30 billion mark

According to Dvorak:

I think that when we put all the numbers together, we can estimate that there are a minimum of 30 billion Windows system crashes a year.

Read the article – it has some really good points – like 30 billion is the number of stars in the Milky Way.

Why do people take this?

Gates said that 5 percent of Windows machines crash, on average, twice daily.

And yet people still run out to buy it. It’s like this:

I go and buy a Car. But I have to pay extra for the Tires, the Paint, the Keys (and locks). When you buy a Windows computer – what do you do? You run out and buy Anti-Virus, Office, Firewalls, spyware killers. You download and install a host of third party apps (FireFox, thunderbird, Open Office) because the ones that come with Windows are, well, less the perfect (Wordpad, anyone?). You get the Google Desktop so that you can efficiently search your machine, you get a pop-up-blocker, you spend about 6 hours running updates.

Oh – and by the way – half of the features that were going to be added to Windows Vista, well, they had to drop them because they did not think that they could get them working by ’06 or ’07.

It’s like selling a car with out the tires, locks, keys, and paint. We would not stand for that – any car dealership that tried that would be drummed right into Chapter 13. And yet, some of us expect it from our computer stores.

And don’t forget that all of this downloading has to be done quick. The average time a vanilla windows box can be connected to the internet with out being compromised is up to a record 40 minutes. I want to trust my business and money to this OS, don’t you?