Spokane Cops Chasing their Tails?

In the first story, Spokane police officers were unavailable to respond to a citizen observing and intervening in a felony in progress where the potential for violence was real. In the second story, Spokane police officers were available to be dispatched to investigate a “false alarm” at an unoccupied business, Anthony’s Restaurant, a site favored by Spokane Mayor Jim West.


With the current budget woes that Spokane faces, Whitecaps makes some good points. Why respond to unverified alarms, and let citizens swing in the wind?

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3 thoughts on “Spokane Cops Chasing their Tails?”

  1. I do know you better than that, Tsyko…I guess I got my dander up. SPD is taking a LOT of hits in the media, lately. It’s killing me because I know what’s being broadcast ain’t how things really are, it’s how pissed-off people are perceiving them. Because of my conditions of employment I’m only allowed to say so much about it. I (and many of my co-workers) feel betrayed by our Admin and the City for not telling the public how bad it is, and how much worse it’s about to become in 2006.

    Now here’s my opinion on the guy confronting the car prowler: shouldn’t have done it. What is more important, his life or his property? I’ve been burglarized, and had my truck prowled, and been assaulted (a lot). I know what it’s like to be a victim of crime, so I don’t speak out of turn when I say to people, "Call 911, and let the guy steal your stereo if you have to. You can always replace a thing, but you can’t replace yourself."

    I think if more people adopted the ways of your other thread (that I am greatly enjoying) they wouldn’t worry so much about car stereos! ;) Love you, man.

  2. I was not condemning the police. I would hope that you would know me better then to accuse me of that. I am worried that at any time a confrontation between people would take second seat to an alarm at a building.

  3. Okay, I gotta’ chime-in on this…I’ll post both on Tsykoduk and Whitecaps’ blogs.

    The ‘felony” described in this post is not a felony in Washington; it’s a misdemeanor. ‘Vehicle Prowling in the Second Degree.”

    Any building being entered is automatically a felony whether it is 1st or 2nd Degree Burglary, or Residential Burglary.

    Spokane Police Officers (line guys, like me) have always been disgusted by the amount of false alarms to which we are REQUIRED BY POLICY to respond. It is a phenomenal waste of our dwindling resources that are paid for by the citizens (again, like me). In my 12-year-career I have been to ONE good in-progress alarm. The rest have been false, or we were too late (resources, again) to do anything about it besides take a report and try to track the bad guys down later.

    Something that always needs to be considered when police are unable to respond in a timely manner is this: how many officers did we have on duty at that time, and to what other priorities were those officers responding? There are days that we can’t respond to Vehicle Prowling in progress, and there are days we can respond to noise complaints…it all depends on calls for service and staffing. You cannot expect any agency to be able to do more with less, despite what the politicians say is possible.

    It is absolutely accurate to state that the false alarm stuff basically boils-down to a lobby by alarm companies. Again, we line guys are disgusted that policing in this country is led by liability and justice goes only to those who can afford it…

    …but please be careful when condemning ‘the police.” 90% of the people I work with are good people who work hard and do what’s right. Please also remember that it is not we guys in the trenches who set policy; that’s up to our Chiefs, and we have little or nothing to say about it.

    As a side note, I agree with much of what was posted in Whitecaps’ previous article about DV. The law should be applied to all people, regardless of occupation (etc), or it means nothing. I feel badly for the Deputy who was arrested, worse for the victim of his offense, and also feel the whole ordeal myself because (as the articles and public outcry prove) it puts a black eye on the rest of us who wear our badge with honor.

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