Hybrids down in flames?

Gas-electric hybrids are the most fuel-efficient passenger cars on the road and ecologically there isn’t a more viable option. Until something big changes, though, the industry-high efficiency can’t economically offset the steep sticker price.


I have been saying this for quite a while now. They just did the math to prove it.

3 thoughts on “Hybrids down in flames?”

  1. More signifigantly, a good portion of a hybrid vehicles fuel efficiency has nothing to do with the fact that it is a hybrid.

    Hybrids have every trick we know to increase fuel efficiency no matter how expensive added on to them. They only sell because they are environmentally hip.

    Part of the ‘hipness’ of hybrids is that they are more expensive and represent a sacrifice for the greater good and allow the purchasers to feel like environmental martyrs. Therefore, I doubt that we will see the price decrease even if it is possible.

  2. Yeah… but there are better choice then hybrids that reduce oil consumption and are cleaner. That’s my point. It’s cheaper to run biofuels then have a high tech battery pack system to help you ecomomy.


    headache. :(

  3. Will I be struck for saying, "Um, duh?"

    That doesn’t mean hybrids aren’t worth the investment in the long-term. The way I see it, everyone who buys and/or supports hybrids NOW is helpin (hopefully) to convince manufacturers that people want these cars. Which will lead manufacturers to seek ways to make hybrids for less. Which will bring the price down, one would hope.

    My miniscule optimistic side shows at the weirdest times.

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