I Believe

I see the magic in a leaf,
I see the wonder in a drop of rain.
I am enthralled with this world,
and all of the wonder that is has.

I have a very strongly held belief structure. It can be summed up in two statements:

  • I believe that people should treat one and another with real compassion and as much understanding as they can muster.
  • I belive that people should allow each other the space to make their own choices

These might seem contradictory in places, however they really flow into each other. By treating others with compassion, we should allow them to think for themselves. This allows them to grow stronger. Sheltering them only weakens them, and in the long run damages them. By allowing free choice, we give others the ability to grow stronger by making mistakes and learning from them.

However, this in no way means that we are to allow people to come to harm through our inaction. Rather it means we should allow them to make their own choices, think for themselves, and help when we can. Suffering and impermanence are parts of life – woven into the very essence of this universe. However, we must do what we can to help ourselves and others be as happy as we can.

Before we can help others, we need to help ourselves. Have you ever flown? You know how they tell you to put your 02 mask on before you help others? Life is the same way. How can you help some one else, if you are broken, or breaking?

I wander the fields
that Thoreau loved,
I taste the apples
in the buds of the blossoms
in the trees
where I grew up

I love to be out of doors, and I enjoy this fine area that we are blessed to live in. Everything that I experience right now is processed through my past experiences, making a tapestry interwoven with memories, sights and sounds. I understand what I can touch, see and smell. I try and use what logical ability that I have to understand what is beyond my senses, as there is a world beyond our weak perceptions. If it’s the universe of the super small strings that might make up the atoms that make up the molecules that make us up, or the world of the large – stellar bodies spinning at break neck speeds through the empty universe, and yet clustered into great spinning masses, This universe is indeed wonderful!Events, however, show us that we are a small part of this universe. We are not the center of the universe, and we need to get used to that fact. When we realize our place in the grand scheme of things we will be one step closer to happyness.

I try and dance
on the head of a pin
at least twice a week!
I call to angels,
I see the beauty
in a rusty old car

I treat others with as much compassion and love that I can muster. I bring humor to most situations. I am nothing if not imperfect – I get angry in traffic with the best of them. However I do try and reflect on this, and grow from the experience. I try to give people the same breaks that I my self look for. I have found that driving a large truck has increased my patience. When I drive a small car, I zoom about. When I drive a 7000 pound hunk of steel, there is no zooming. There is just measured progress.Life is like that. I watch the people who ‘zoom’ through life at breakneck speeds and never get anything done. I try to observe, and plan my actions to achevie the greatest effect. Some times, the slow car wins the race!

Laughing, I leap
off cliffs to the water
Splashing down
Drinking life up

I often try and take ‘the road less traveled’. God put a head on my shoulders, and I try to make the most of using it. I have studied many philosophies, and cull the wheat from each to form my own opinion. Everything has worth, when seen through the right eyes.

4 thoughts on “I Believe”

  1. <blockquote>a Buddhist tries to look upon suffering not as something necessarily "bad," but as an opportunity to learn and grow. In that sense, it might be said that Buddhists try to look upon suffering and difficulties as something potentially positive, as a kind of "teacher."</blockquote>

    It sucks, and I never wish suffering on anyone – and when they are suffering, I try and help.

    However, as I said, we need to try and show compassion by helping those that are suffering. :)

  2. I guess I am looking at the "worth" of poverty and hunger from the standpoint of the afflicted person. I sadly see the ‘povertization’ of women often, in circumstances where, when a child is hungry and the missions are full, the hospital is the last place to go. By law, they get free food and 6 hours of shelter (whether they can pay or not). I see no worth in their suffering, from their side. There may be worth in my young, compassionate (and sometimes naive) heart – but that seems paltry in comparison to the desperation of a previously abused mother who is trying to support her kids working minimum wage.
    Is there truly a "worth" in this circumstance? Even if it is so small as to be overpowered by the worthlessness of it?

  3. Poverty and Hunger can be powerful motivators to the afflicted to bootstrap themselves up, and to others to lend a hand.

    I agree – it is hard to allow others to make their own choices – but I did add "<em>and help when we can. Suffering and impermanence are parts of life – woven into the very essence of this universe. However, we must do what we can to help ourselves and others be as happy as we can.</em>"

    Sounds like you are well into the helping others :)

  4. "Everything has worth, when seen through the right eyes."

    What of poverty? What of hunger?
    I agree with most of your statements, although I giggled a bit with your truck analogy. From the standpoint of a girl with a motorcycle (zooming about), sometimes bigger is not always better…sometimes slow is just that – slow. ;)

    I am part of a team researching PTSD right now, in adolescents of trauma centers (UWMC). Sadly, I see the lowest-of-lows in certain situations. I see teenagers influenced by their parents’ inadequacies and a few desperate cases of MBP. In such a world, when you are constantly seeing the bad part of life and are in constant contact with such lows, it is hard to "allow each other the space to make their own choices."

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