It's getting bad out there

Check this out; There is a nasty nasty windows problem in the wild (a ‘Zero Day Exploit‘). This one is bad. Microsoft is not doing anything about it until next week. – So, check out my Tech Blog for a detailed how to on fixing this.

This is totally serious, and could become a major problem.

UPDATE (1/5/05) Microsoft just released the patch. Go to windows update to get it!

5 thoughts on “It's getting bad out there”

  1. Heh. I did that awhile ago. But, before that, I jumped from Windows to Linux (about ’01). I love Linux – I just got tired of the ‘what digital camera can I buy? What mini-dv camcorder? What scanner works?’ questions.

    At home, I run a Linux server and firewall, and Macs for the user interface.

  2. I found a great patch for all Windows vulnerabilities last year… <a href="; rel="nofollow">here</a>


    Being a *nix weenie by trade, I’ve not been much of a windows fan for years, and only used it because my work required applications that only run on Windows. The patch above solves that problem for me fairly nicely. Heh.

  3. Yeah – I wrote about that <a href="; rel="nofollow">here</a> a while back. It seems like a protection racket to me. I am so freaking fed up with Windows in general. It’s not like it’s even a good OS anymore.

    I would like to see Dell buy RedHat or Novell and bust out their own linux based OS. Preload and pre-configure it on all of their machines to insure that it just works out of the box. Could you imagine Dell shipping $399 machines with a fully functional Linux distro on it?



  4. Now Microsoft wants to get into the anti-virus market. Seems silly that a company will sell you the operating system, then sell you the software to protect you from the vulnerabilities in that same operating systems.

    Hey Microsoft, how’s about just making it more secure in the first place!

  5. Happy New Year…I guess. Nice of you to point out the quick fix. I agree, a company the size of Microsoft should’ve had the patch out yesterday. Making people wait is bunk.

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