Turning the heat up…

Feb. 21, 2006 — A new study of the Arctic permafrost forecasts that global warming will thaw and shrink the total area of perennially frozen ground 60 to 90 percent by 2100.

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Are we approaching the tipping point, or are we past it?

If true, it will…lead to the release by soils of vast doses of greenhouse gases, and upset ecosystems over wide areas

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Where would these greenhouse gasses come from? How about Siberia? A large portion of Siberia is made up of Histels, “which are organic soils that have permafrost within 2 meters below ground surface. They have 80 % or more organic materials from the soil surface to a depth of 50 cm or to a glacic layer or densic, lithic, or paralithic contact, whichever is shallowest.

What does that mean? There is lots of frozen organic mush in the ground up there. If that were to thaw, we would see a methane plume hit the air which could cause more thawing, which would cause…

You get the picture.

Honestly, I do not know if Humaniti is to blame or not, or if we can even stop it. However, we need to be forearmed. Massive environmental change is not uncertain – it will happen, and is happening around us right now. Sort of like a massive impact scenario. It’s gonna happen folks. The question is if we will be prepared.