One of the misconceptions that I have heard about Buddhism is that Buddhists, being detached from the world, are uncaring or cold.

This shows a great deal of misunderstanding about what reducing attachment actually means. We we talk about being attached to the world, or things in the world, we are talking about emotional and mental ties to these things. A perfect example is folks who get violent or emotional because their team lost a game. It’s only a game. Even if you had bet all your money on the game, it’s only money, that you lost because of a game. With out attachment, we can enjoy the game, with out the negative side effects if “your” team looses.

Does this mean that I cannot feel love for someone or something? No. I can be dispassionate and unconnected, and still feel compassion and love for some one or something. One of the things that I recall from a book that I read by the Dali Lama was “When you look at some one, think, I Love You towards them. Even if you do not say it, your demeanor will show it, and they will respond” (paraphrased). Letting go of attachment allows you to honestly and openly practice this.

Releasing attachment actually allows a person to be more loving and compassionate.