800,000 Years seems like a long time to me…

Carbon dioxide levels are substantially higher now than at any time in the last 800,000 years, the latest study of ice drilled out of Antarctica confirms.

The in-depth analysis of air bubbles trapped in a 3.2km-long core of frozen snow shows current greenhouse gas concentrations are unprecedented.


It really seems to me that it’s time to ‘wake up’ to climate change. We have evidence all around us that it is actually happening. Temperatures are on the rise, storms are getting more violent and the world is going to end. Was this caused by Humans? We don’t know for sure, but the evidence points that way.

Does it really matter? No. We need to batten down the hatches, because we are coming out of a very peaceful time, according to the past climatological evidence. The estimated 6500 million tonnes of carbon that we put into the air per year cannot be helping. Just think about this: “Volcanic releases are about 1% of the amount which is released by human activities“. And then we go and deforest large parts of the world. Trees eat CO2

Another major concern is the speed of the change

The “scary thing”, he added, was the rate of change now occurring in CO2 concentrations. In the core, the fastest increase seen was of the order of 30 parts per million (ppm) by volume over a period of roughly 1,000 years.

“The last 30 ppm of increase has occurred in just 17 years. We really are in the situation where we don’t have an analogue in our records,” he said.


1,000 years of CO2 in 17 years. That cannot be a good thing.

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