Where ever our feet may roam

So… in between heaps of code, I was reminiscing about the old days when I was a BBS geek. The most memorable BBS that I was on was called Club Fresno. It had about 30 phone lines, and was a true trend setter for it’s day – a multi-line BBS. Google to the rescue. Heh. I only found two mentions of good ol’ club Fres out there – one blog post by an ex-member and a My Space profile.

So, here’s a third result about Club Fresno, the Multi Line BBS.


5 thoughts on “Where ever our feet may roam”

  1. I was tsykoduk, Leagle Eagle or Jack Daniels. (not to much on the last two – they were my late 80’s handles.) I moved out of town in early ’94 and ended up in Spokomption, Washington. Gosh, I am racking my brain trying to remeber the handles of the folks that I hung out with. Drawing a total blank. :/

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