Watching the Grammys

And not really caring. Most of the pre-digested pabulum that they play is just crap. I really dislike where modern Pop music has gone. Record execs in silver towers make choices based on what will make them the most money, rather then what is good music.

Television it’s self is mostly crap now days. Shela likes to watch a lot of TV. Well, a lot in my mind. When we met I did have a TV. But it was only hooked up to my Playstation and DVD player. Not even bunny ears. I had no need for TV. I used the heck out of Netflix. I had to increase my subscription to 8 movies at home because I would blow through 4 or 5 movies in a weekend, and I liked to have one or two for the week.

I also did a lot of computing – errr – playing on the computers at home then as well. Now I am relegated to the laptop on a lazy boy, trying to ignore the TV.

Oh – god – Ricky Martin. I think that I am going to be sick. In Spanish. :)

This Ricky Martin/J-Lo thing reminds me of a movie – Four Rooms. Especially the part with Antonio Banderas. Cool stuff.

Have I worked here before?

Mike Sarakinsky, University of South Africa:

“I have never ordered red tape, but have been tied up by it here at the university. About 12 years ago, I needed 20 sheets of blank white A4 paper for an article I was typing. The only place to get 20 such sheets was the photocopy room. I duly requested the 20 sheets of blank paper from a photocopy assistant. He said he could not give me the sheets, but if I filled in the requisition form, he could give me 20 copies of a blank sheet of paper. Astonished, I filled in the form. Then he proceeded to actually make 20 copies of a blank sheet on the photocopier. He explained that at the end of the day, his supervisor counted the sheets of paper, read the counter on the copier machine, checked that these corresponded with the requisition forms and compared the information with the previous day’s numbers. If there was any discrepancy, the fellow had to pay the difference.”

From this article posted about here.

Sounds like some places that I have worked..

They extracted the Christmas Spirit!

Why can’t we have the Christmas Spirit all year?

Not the one where angry housewives beat each other up to obtain the newest stuffed toy, or fustrated drivers try and kill each other while exiting the malls of America. I am talking about gathering around the family, enjoying them. Forget the presents, the Egg Nog, and Xeroxing your butt at the company party.

This season is not about making some shopkeeper’s books balance. It’s about seeing loved ones. It’s about celebrating the days starting to get longer. Of all the years and all the Holiday seasons that I have lived through – here is a list of the best memories that I have:

Making turkey stuffing with my Dad

Visiting my Aunt in LA – Several times

Seeing my Granny in Oregon

Playing Jenga at another Aunts house

When I got my Porche from Santa.

Just kidding about the last one.

We should try and focus on the good times, good freinds and family. The Corps have pushed and advertised us and coaxed us into thinking that the season is about how much you can buy, how much more useless crap you can stuff into you life. If you are not spending a ton of money on those that you love, then you must really not love them, right?


Some ruminating about why I started this blog

Over the years, I have been less then perfect about keeping up with people. I am very now oriented, and seem to have a hard time remembering to keep in touch with friends and family from long ago or far away.

I have never liked this about my self, and have often wished that I could do something about it. I have tried several times, setting up mailing lists and other thing-a-ma-jiggers, however for whatever reason, they never flew.

So, here is my spot in cyberspace. Ya’ll can drop on by and check up on me when ever you want. Please feel free to comment on things that I say. I crave feedback.

On April 17th, 2004 I married Shela. I made a slide show of some of the digital pictures from before, during and after the wedding. You can view it here!. Some of the family has already seen it, but here it is in all of its glory for all of you.

Quite honestly, Shela and I met during the end of a very dark time in my life. I had just ended a 10-year relationship and marriage on less then friendly terms, and was also reeling from a very hard breakup with some one that was very close to me. She was not ready for a committed relationship, but then again neither was I. I really hope that all of my ex’s can find real, deep happiness. That is all that I have really ever wanted for them and me. I think that I have gotten there now and I hope that their journeys there are as swift as possible.

Shela was like a ray of sunlight at the end of a long tunnel. When I met her, my whole life was starting on an upswing, and she helped me out so much. Her bubbly personality was, and is, just what I need. She also is just as stubborn as I am. We butt heads every once in a while, but that is just part of life. We are both strong personalities, and quite honestly, I would not have it any other way.

Just about 11 weeks ago, Shela and I made a little Shela and Dukk. Now, a lot of you know me from my ‘No Kids, Never No How’ phase. Gladly (since one is on the way) I am actually looking forward to this. I think that it is going to be a rewarding experience.

The pregnancy has been hard on Shela so far, she was on an IV at home for about 3 weeks. Happily, she is back at work now, and glad to be off the couch!