Privacy vs. Anonymity

One of the perceived issues with the increased use of social networks and pervasive online activities is eroding of personal privacy. Some would have us believe that there will be no privacy in the future, and we just need to accept that fact.

I feel very differently. What is eroding is personal anonymity, which is very different then privacy.

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IBM claims method of homomorphic encryption

I just ran across several articles (Forbes, eWeek and The Ashdown Group) about IBM’s announcement of a mathematical method for homomorphic encryption.

When we can implement this, the implications are huge. You will be able to process large amounts of encrypted data to find broad trends, with out knowing the contents of the encrypted files.

Charles Lickel, vice-president of IBM Software Research, said: “Fully homomorphic encryption is a bit like enabling a layperson to perform flawless neurosurgery while blindfolded, without later remembering the episode.”

The Ashdown Group

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