With Clouds, Come a Chance of Rain

One of the interesting paradigms in the technology field now days is “cloud”. I think that I have seen it bandied about more then “web 2.0” a few years ago. It’s hit required buzz word compliance status in market-speak. I believe that is it over used, misunderstood and used to mislead. Let’s cut through the hyperbole and see what is really going on.
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Using RVM to benchmark Ruby

Screen shot 2009-12-16 at 5.19.10 PMOne of the things that I get to do is advise folks on web application architecture and backend process optimization. All of that is to say that I need to know how certain versions of things like ruby perform under different loads, and be able to advise people on when and where to deploy each one. For testing ruby and ruby programs, RVM is invaluable. I’ll take you through how I tested a slew of ruby version automagically in this article.

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As a test I was asked the following question

“describe how the internet works. Be detailed. Ignore the physical layer. You have 1 hour and no reference materials.”

Wow. It was kind of fun though. Below the jump is How The Internet Works by Me. Typos and all. Total stream of consciousness writing. Honestly, reference materials would have just slowed me down.

If you think it’s easy, get out a timer, and go – just don’t read mine first. ;-)

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