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Zorba the Buddha

In my net reading for the last article I posted, I came across a site that I kind of liked. The person behind the site has several books out, and I plan on getting a few of them. I lifted some quotes from his site that impacted me the most, and decided to put them here for ya’ll with my commentary over the next few days.

“I have no wish to placate you with false, hollow and worthless words exhorting you to love mankind. The so-called religions have said these things to you for generations. I am here to urge you to love real men, to love your fellow beings - not mankind but the men who live and work around you. Humanity is just a word; mankind is just a label. You cannot find humanity or mankind anywhere. And so humanity is easy to love because the only thing you have to do is mouth a few platitudes.” - Osho

I have a book called Everyday Zen. One of the passages talks about tooth-brushing. It points out that if when you were 4 or 5 and starting to brush your teeth you dwelled on how you would have to do this every day for the rest of your life, you might not have ever started. The task would have been overwhelming. However, I doubt that you did. Instead, you simply did it today. Habits are easy to form if you just do the action today.

Most major changes seem large, if you look at the entire thing. Sort of like painting an elephant. Over all, it is an overwhelming task. But, if you get close, and look at just the trunk, and decide to paint it, it would not take all that long. and the same with the legs, sides and back. Sooner then not, you are looking at a pink elephant.

The same thing with Love. Do not aspire to love all of humanity. just aspire to love the people that you meet through out the day. The Dali Lama spoke about thinking “I Love You” you every person that you meet through out the day. He said that puts you in the correct frame of mind, and that the person can tell through your body language and expression what you are thinking. This puts them at ease and makes true communication possible.