Why can’t we have the Christmas Spirit all year?

Not the one where angry housewives beat each other up to obtain the newest stuffed toy, or fustrated drivers try and kill each other while exiting the malls of America. I am talking about gathering around the family, enjoying them. Forget the presents, the Egg Nog, and Xeroxing your butt at the company party.

This season is not about making some shopkeeper’s books balance. It’s about seeing loved ones. It’s about celebrating the days starting to get longer. Of all the years and all the Holiday seasons that I have lived through - here is a list of the best memories that I have:

  • Making turkey stuffing with my Dad
  • Visiting my Aunt in LA
  • Seeing my Granny in Oregon
  • Playing Jenga at another Aunts house
  • When I got my Porche from Santa.
  • Just kidding about the last one.

We should try and focus on the good times, good freinds and family. The Corps have pushed and advertised us and coaxed us into thinking that the season is about how much you can buy, how much more useless crap you can stuff into you life. If you are not spending a ton of money on those that you love, then you must really not love them, right?