One of the hardest things that I face on a day-to-day basis is how to feel compassion for certain people. It is quite hard sometimes, to still feel compassion in the face of aggression or general nastiness. Being far from Buddhahood, I am often not with out fault in this matter.

Over the years, I have grown quite a bit. When I was in JR. High school, I would often lash out with anger and violence. I was often sent to the office, or to detention for various nasty angry things that I did. I am not proud of that time in my life - however it was what made me today. I have grown past that in most cases now, and it takes great effort to move me to anger.

But whose effort? Some times it is my effort - some times a mixture of others and mine. But never is it just some one else's fault. It takes two to tango, trite and overused - but trite and overused for a reason. It really does take two people to engage in nastiness.

Compassion can de-escalate a situation. If you can respond with compassion at all times, the angry ones have a hard time responding with anger. Note that I did not say could not. There are people that have so much pain in side that they cannot help but to lash out. I know people like this, and they can be very hard to deal with.

"...Buddhist ethical principles are very noble and in an ideal world their practice would lead to peace and harmony but, unfortunately, as the Buddha has taught, people are motivated by greed hatred and delusion - even Buddhists. "

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