And not really caring. Most of the pre-digested pabulum that they play is just crap. I really dislike where modern Pop music has gone. Record execs in silver towers make choices based on what will make them the most money, rather then what is good music.

Television it's self is mostly crap now days. Shela likes to watch a lot of TV. Well, a lot in my mind. When we met I did have a TV. But it was only hooked up to my Playstation and DVD player. Not even bunny ears. I had no need for TV. I used the heck out of <a href=>Netflix</a>. I had to increase my subscription to 8 movies at home because I would blow through 4 or 5 movies in a weekend, and I liked to have one or two for the week.

I also did a lot of computing - errr - playing on the computers at home then as well. Now I am relegated to the laptop on a lazy boy, trying to ignore the TV.

Oh - god - Ricky Martin. I think that I am going to be sick. In Spanish. :)

This Ricky Martin/J-Lo thing reminds me of a movie - Four Rooms. Especially the part with Antonio Banderas. Cool stuff.