So - there are several logical problems with the concept of God. I would like to explore a few of them right now.

Let's assume that God is omni-whatever.

Where does he live?

Time is woven into the fabric of our universe. As space stretches and warps, time is stretched and warped the same. Time and space are basically the same thing. This is not a theory - it has been experimentally proven several times since the big E proposed it.

Time is also subjective, rather then objective. We determine time's flow in our brain and nervous system. It is not some universal constant, rather a construct of our psychology and physiology. You can see that yourselves. When you are bored, the hours seem to drag on. When you are focused and busy, time seems to just fly by.

I think that we can also all agree that every event has a cause. Things do not 'just happen' on their own. If a tree falls in a forest, it is because something caused it to fall. Gravity, breakdown at the cellular level causing structural failure, wind - some thing caused it to fall. There can be no event with out some cause.

All this said, where does God live? In our universe, or some place external?

Let's look at each option (and there are only two - here or there)

Here - God lives in our universe. There are a few complications that this raises.

If He lives here, then he would be bound by the rules in effect here. He would be bound by Time, and therefore would not know everything. He could not know every cause and effect, because some effects have not happened, and the effects that they cause are not know.

Also - if he lives here, how did he create the universe that he is part of? If he in fact He lives here, then he would have been created when the universe was created - as He is part of it

Ok, so that does not work.

He must live out side of our universe.

But wait - if Time is an integral part of our universe, then he must live in a different time stream. If He lives in a different universe with different time, then how could he effect our universe with it's own time? If our time does not effect Him, then our universe would be created and destroyed in no time in His universe. So, if he were to have created our universe, it would be over before any time passed in his time stream.

And, if he exists in another universe - what caused him? Every event has a cause, so what caused him? Did He have parents?