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from the still-can't-balance-budget dept. xs3 writes At a recent ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) meeting in Los Angeles, a team of FBI agents demonstrated current WEP-cracking techniques and broke a 128 bit WEP key in about three minutes. Special Agent Geoff Bickers ran the Powerpoint presentation and explained the attack, while the other agents (who did not want to be named or photographed) did the dirty work of sniffing wireless traffic and breaking the WEP keys. This article will be a general overview of the procedures used by the FBI team.

And people think that I am paranoid for running a firewall between my Wireless and Wired LANs.

Next step for me is IPSEC/VPN thru the firewall for access from my laptop. I will have it set up so that I can access my files and printers from anywhere with an internet connection. But first I have to re-wire the house.. :)