Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless says:

<blockquote>Antonio Marcelli killed people for a living. At least a few he admitted to. The feds caught him, he turned state's evidence, testified in open court against the capos and subsequently entered the witness protection program. He was safe until his new name and location hit the Internet.

<p>A computer junkie from Kentucky had bought a heap of old hard drives that the Justice Department had discarded. Lo and behold, names and addresses of people in the witness protection program popped up in a perfectly readable format.</blockquote></p>

<p>Wow. There are (or should be) standards for 'cleaning' data off of gear that is old and gotten rid of. Following them might be another thing, as this case shows.</p>

<p>This helps to show that there can be real consequences for computer security (or a lack thereof)</p>