In my day job I work with mostly Windows users and I'm often asked how to go about doing this or that on a Mac. Frequently such questions are followed up with the statement, ” So why doesn't it work like Windows?”

I starting thinking the other day that here lies a great irony of technology. The irony that because so many PC users spend so much time in the dark trying to figure out what's going on behind the magical curtain that is Windows, they automatically assume that using a Mac would be just as confusing. Many never decide to switch because they feel they'd have to learn that awful process all over again. Take the process of uninstalling applications for example…

Windows: Start menu -> Control Panels -> Add/Remove Programs -> scroll to application you want to remove -> click Remove -> click Yes to confirm.

Mac: Select the application you want to remove on your computer -> drag it to the trash.

My point?

The difference between Windows and Mac OS is the difference between a process so complex that it requires a separate process to manage (Windows) versus a process specifically designed from the beginning to be intuitive enough that it just makes sense (Mac).

Technology is complex enough in its own right, the beauty of the Mac is that someone, somewhere actually knew that and went out of their way to make easier on the rest of us.

Who needs a curtain anyway?</blockquote>

-Clif at the Apple Student Blog
How to install a program on mac (like BZFlag):

1) Download 2) Open File 3) Drag app to a folder. Apps folder is probally a good choice, since you will then know where to find it

That's it. As the quote above says, to uninstall it, you find it, and drag it to the trash. No problems. Very Easy.

I love Linux - and the total control it gives me over my system. I like distros like ArchLinux for that simple fact. I can look at the daemons that are running and know what each one does, why it is running, and recall when I installed it.

However, when I am at home, I just want the bloody thing to work, and work with out thought. So, my lappy and my workstation are Macs, and my server is (being built as) ArchLinux.