But it is no accident that the U.S. Department of Energy and other organizations are focusing most of their research on diesel and HCCI engines.

-Combustion Modeling

Looks like the DOE and others agree with me - Diesel is the technology that we need to invest in for the short term goals.

Just look at it this way - what powers the majority of our transportation system? Diesel trucks and trains. Making them even a little more efficient will garner great gains.

Willy Nelson has circumstantial evidence posted that show a 40% increase in efficiency when you switch to BioDiesel (5 mpg to 7 mpg) (Willie Nelson's Biodiesel). A 40% increase in fuel efficiency would be a huge savings for the transportation sector.

Last year, we averaged 382.4 million gallons of fuel a day. At the current average price of $3.00 a gallon, we are spending in the range of $1,152 milllion a day on fuel. Over 60% of that is spent by the transportation sector. So, they are spending $690 million a day on fuel. Cut that 40% and we get over $270 million a DAY saved. That's $98.5 billion a year in savings. We could pay for the biofuel refineries in one year, just off of the savings.

Close on the horizon is the HCCI engine - a next generation diesel engine that is even cleaner and more efficient then standard diesel engines.