This is actually a very good video. That's one of the things that I like about Boston Legal - every once in a while they slip some good social commentary into the show.

Most organizations should take this to heart. How many really leverage their technology? Google does. Microsoft does, Apple does.

Technology should be an enabler. We are past the point where location independent computing is a reality - however not many people make use of that paradigm. Technology should act as a 'force multiplier'. It should enable you to get more done with less.

In many of the organizations that I have worked with, this is just not true. Technology detracts from the work flow, or even worse, technology dictates the work flow. Take for example, SAP. You have to restructure your business around how their application works. An application should not dictate how you run your organization, rather, your origination should dictate how the applications work.

Now days, with RAD tools such as Rails, a competent coder should be able to have a baseline beta application out the door fairly quickly. No longer are folks forced to shoehorn COTS software into their business model. Now days, just about everyone can have their own vertical application space created, quickly and efficiently.