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Railsbridge BugMash VM

One of the things that came out of our rails bugmash team and time at Blue Box Group was that the real time killer was a lot of the prep work. Installing 3 databases, and all of the other tools and goodies can take hours which could be used mashing bugs and racking up points. Enter the BugMash VM - in VMWare flavor right now. It’s an early beta - but right now it has everything that you could need to test Rails or a Rails application. The next iteration might just run on Arch Linux and be a VirtualBox image, or perhaps just be an install script. Below is the start of the read me - and attached is the (HUGE) image file. Beware, this weighs in at about 1.2 GB. If you have some time to spare, grab a copy of the Bugmash VM Image, and send me feedback. UPDATE: Check out the script article above. It does everything for you. It’s being updated to include rails3 bundler etc. RUBY ON RAILS TESTING VM IMAGE Welcome to the RoR BugMash Testing VM. This was created as a tactical tool to increase the productivity of bugmash teams by removing the need to set up a rails test system with all of the packages that entails. BASICS The VM image is a VMWare image. It has two users defined: Work and Root. Each has the ultrasecure password of “password”. Do we need to point out that this is NOT A SECURE SYSTEM and is NOT MEANT FOR PRODUCTION and NOT MEANT TO BE USED ON THE INTERNET? We have used and or created several tools to help with the tasks at hand. rvm for managing our rubies, cinabox for setting up the rails testing/CI server and several small bash scripts to automate routine tasks. Thanks to wayne (http://rvm.beginrescueend.com/ - he’s the one crushing the red bull can on his head), chad (http://github.com/thewoolleyman/cinabox), and the turnkey linux team (http://www.turnkeylinux.org/). We are standing on the shoulders of giants! USAGE rvm is a superkiller tool for managing many ruby installs on 1 box. We use this in our testing scripts. If you would like to test vs the default system ruby, just cd ~/code/ruby then rake. If you’d like to test vs many rubies, run ~/test.rails. If you like quiet output use ~/json.test.rails. cinabox is a CI server “in a box”. We have the full CI server installed - not tested yet. ~/update.box runs all of the update scripts.