Top Songs

One of the interesting things about using a tool like iTunes for a long time (over 5 years for me) is that you can build up a lot of metadata around your use of that tool. In iTunes there are really two pieces of metadata that are interesting to me - the number of times that I have skipped a song and the number of times that I have played a song. I’ve used the smart playlists feature for several years to surface intreating songs that have not been played in a while or other such neat stuff.

Today I wanted to find something - what were my most played songs? Well, there were a few in there that were not my favorite songs for sure. So I went ahead and added in a new search criteria - most played song that I had not skipped.

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Viking Coding

I have been using the term "Viking Coder" for a several years now. Honestly, it was a "equal and opposite" reaction to the rise of the Rockstar Ninja Samurai whatever in job descriptions. I don't play a guitar or dress in black PJ's. I am a tall dude, and I like simple solutions to problems. And I have a least a little bit of Scandinavian in me.

Some folks asked me what I meant by viking coders. So, with out further gnashing of teeth, here you go.

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Odd little gem error

While hacking at my favorite tavern, I noted that I needed to update a gem file. When I tried, gem said that it had succeeded, but there were some odd little errors:

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